Time and Expenses

Time and Expenses

Optimal time and expense management: the foundation of profitability

You must understand the time and money dedicated to each project to put your management strategies into practice. Manitou’s Time and Expenses modules give you the perfect tools to collect and track this essential data. See hours per employee and per project, and simplify approval and reimbursement for your expense accounts by letting your employees connect their expenses directly to each project.


When it comes down to it, precision is crucial for your data collection to go as planned. This is why Manitou’s Time and Expenses modules allow you to manage accounts like never before.

Because every minute counts

  • Calculate time in 10-minute increments
  • See time overruns in real time

Too busy to reorganize time management?

Signatures and
time approval

Timesheets let your employees save their sheets several times throughout the week and sign them when they’re completed. Your managers are then notified that a timesheet is waiting for approval and can approve it or request changes. You always have the ability to make corrections to any timesheets that have already been signed and approved.

Vacation days, leave, absences, and accrued time

Besides hours worked, there are also all these other hours you need to keep track of. This feature puts this information at your fingertips so you can make the right decisions, for example, regarding absence requests.

Become your company’s virtuoso

  • Separate time banks can be viewed at any time
  • Time log reports to better manage resources
  • Data automatically generated for leave requests
  • Automatic disbursement to payroll when the accumulated time limit is reached

Don’t waste any more time!

Enter and approve expenses

Simplify expense recording and automate the approval and reimbursement process with Manitou Time and Expenses. This tool also lets you automate calculations related to tax recovery.

  • Your employees can create recurring expenses
  • Each expense can have a supporting document attached
  • Approval of expense accounts and automatic processing on the next payroll
  • Access to employee reimbursement status

Tax recovery

No matter the type of expense, you can create settings to verify whether you get a tax rebate based on the location in which the expense occurred. Once these settings are established, the Time and Expenses modules will make these calculations automatically!

Delegate and collect

  • Verify tax recovery applicability
  • Calculate automatically

Seize the opportunity to improve your procedures

Manitou can do even more!

Time is money: get in Manitou mode with our Billing module

  • Automate your billing process
  • Easily track your project costs and revenue
  • Reduce invoice production time

A single, simplified system for data analysis