Speed and precision: Manitou is the accountant’s best friend

To create monthly financial statements in less time (and with fewer errors), your administrative team will find a productive ally in Manitou Accounting. Let Manitou prepare your accounting entries and process payroll and employee records.

Payroll processing

For information transfer and updates during the employee payroll process, Manitou Accounting offers you simplicity through automation. With our gateways to the most popular payroll systems, you can get everything done without delay.

Entrust your repetitive tasks to our highly efficient system.

Accounting transfers

For up-to-date accounting data and transfers done right every time, Manitou enables direct transfers to the accounting system and automation that reduces both the number of errors and the number of hours.

Cut to the chase

  • Direct transfer: distribution of external revenue, interdivisional and cross-sectoral costs and revenue, expense accounts
  • Client file transfer and updates
  • Invoice transfer
  • Automated transfer to the most popular accounting systems

Accounting management

Manitou’s Accounting module manages everything for you: intangible assets, invoice payments, and accounting periods. Because good management starts with a reliable platform.

Manitou can do even more!

Manitou Billing module

  • Automated project billing process
  • Optimized project costs and revenue tracking
  • Less time spent creating invoices
  • User-friendly communication tools

A single, simplified system for data analysis