Because it all starts with effective recruitment

Manitou brings everything together for you:

  • Recruitment tool
  • Customized platform for managing your information
  • Centralized internal communication method
  • Comprehensive applicant files

Keep ahead of your competitors!

Simplify your hiring process with a new partner

A global overview for your HR, too!

Keep ahead of your competitors!

It all starts with effective job postings. To help you find the best applicants as quickly as possible (and in just a few clicks), Manitou connects directly to the external platforms you frequently use.

When you speed up your job posting process, you also speed up the hiring process and maximize your chances of finding the perfect person to fill each opening. Manitou helps you find your next employees quickly, before valuable prospects fall into your competitors’ hands!

Simplify your hiring process with a new partner

Manitou gives you access to all the tools you need to communicate with applicants, schedule interviews, and record your evaluations. With Manitou, you get a complete data bank that compiles key information about your applicants and their skills. You always have everything you need at your fingertips to find the right person for the job.

You’ll enjoy the centralized, user-friendly platform, where all communication and important information can be found, and comes together, easily. With a powerful integrated search engine, you can search by keyword, criteria, or score in comprehensive, informative files. With Manitou, nothing is lost and everything is clear!

A global overview for your HR, too!

Manitou acts like a never-failing, never-ending memory, and this strength is extremely valuable for human resources management. When you choose to add on Manitou tools designed specifically for HR, you will enjoy features that maximize the data acquired in the recruitment process. The recruitment and onboarding process is seamless and highly effective.

Finally, a solution with prices matched to your needs!