Customer Relationships

Full integration for better customer relationships

To better address your needs on the ground, we offer a customer relationship tool that adapts to your needs. Manitou’s mission is to ensure you achieve your performance goals.

More user-friendly customer and contact files

Consider your search over. Manitou brings together everything you need for outstanding customer relationship tracking. Plus, you can configure your management tool based on the types of customers you serve.

  • Access all transactions
  • Manage customers’ professional and personal information
  • Store the right documents in the right files and find them easily
  • Manage your employees’ access

Discover how Manitou’s CRM module can help you boost your sales

Monitor your business opportunities closely

Manitou gives you the means to act quickly and intelligently. With templates and the ability to automate many monitoring actions, you’ll be the master of your sales cycle.

  • Create business opportunities
  • Automate your tasks based on the sales cycle
  • Manage your calls for tenders and tenders for services
  • Generate business documents from Manitou templates

Convert your business opportunities into projects with Manitou’s Project Management module!

Campaign tool

To launch an effective promotional campaign, you’re much better off equipped with a system that can automate the most tedious tasks.
The objective of Manitou’s campaign tool is to offer you what you need to attain maximum reach in the shortest amount of time.

Tools to work less, but better

  • Create mailing lists
  • Send mass email campaigns
  • Ensure compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Manitou can do even more!

Simplify and centralize with Expenses and Time modules

  • Connect expenses directly to each project
  • Simplify the approval and reimbursement process for your expense accounts
  • Manage schedules
  • Make clear decisions

A single, simplified system for data analysis