Your data working for your company

Manitou: the all-in-one tool

  • Interconnectivity of all the aspects of your company: customer relationships, project management, accounting, recruitment, payroll, etc.
  • Tool invented, developed, and supported by a team of IT experts that care about your business situation
  • Reduced risk of double entries and decreased risk of error
  • Significant time optimization

Are you in control of your data stream?

A large but approachable platform

Are you in control of your data stream?

With Manitou, you have the ability to standardize processes used in your company and facilitate continuous information sharing between various departments. Whether you need to recruit new employees, manage their files, create their projects based on their roles, or create invoices, Manitou is the optimal tool from the beginning to end of each task for all of your company’s operations.

Manitou greatly simplifies each person’s work and can accomplish many repetitive tasks that are often plagued with human errors. This new way of working frees up time and optimizes each person’s work, on every level.

Of course, optimization isn’t a goal that we can achieve and then forget; it’s a continuous process. Manitou is very involved in this critical process by giving you access to highly valuable data connected to operations. Evaluating strengths and weaknesses in your processes is the starting point for healthy optimization of IT and all the aspects of the company.

A large but approachable platform

Manitou’s ergonomic interfaces ensure quick and effective access to many features. The tool design is directly inspired by actual business scenarios from many companies. No matter the complexity of your operations, Manitou lets you keep control over your information stream. By giving applicable employees a tool designed specifically for their data entry, the information is better inventoried, the stream is optimized, and the number of intermediaries is minimized.

With its complementary, integrated modules, Manitou can manage complex, high-volume data for your company, all while remaining an effective and user-friendly tool for everyone working with it on a daily basis.

Finally, a solution with prices matched to your needs!