Automate. Simplify.

Manitou offers you interconnectivity and simplicity.

All your data is easily captured, compiled, and applied with a wide range of adaptable tools. Communication becomes more fluid, both within individual teams and across entire departments. That’s the beauty of fully merging and optimizing a modern company’s logistical foundation.

Manitou - Invoicing

Send Invoices

Advantages of our solution:

  • Automated billing and calculation of work in progress and pre-billed amounts
  • Simplified communication between project managers and administrative staff
  • Less time spent creating and approving invoices
  • Simplified cost and revenue monitoring management process
  • Automated production of profitability analyses

Manitou - Accounting

Payroll and Entries

Advantages of our solution:

  • Automated and transferred accounting entries
  • Reduced accounting errors
  • Optimized accounting team productivity
  • Centralized information management

Manitou - Time and Expenses

Project Expenses

Advantages of our solution:

  • Automated production of payroll adjustments
  • Simplified and standardized entry, approval, and reimbursement process for expense accounts
  • Automated and optimized tax recovery
  • Global overview through statistics by expense type

Manitou - HR

Human Resources

Advantages of our solution:

  • Centralized employee data
  • Ease of access and secure, comprehensive employee records
  • Simplified and automated employee communications

Manitou - ATS

Recruitment Management

Advantages of our solution:

  • Fully integrated platform to automate and centralize all your HR actions
  • Accelerated recruitment process
  • Optimized job opening promotions by analyzing the sources of your best applicants to
  • Insight and speed to address your company’s growing needs

Manitou - Projects

Project Management

Advantages of our solution:

  • Simplified planning and project cost monitoring
  • Optimized time for key resources
  • Automated project management, from business opportunity to billing

Manitou - CRM

Customer Relationships

Avantages de notre solution :

  • Plateforme 100 % intégrée pour automatiser et centraliser toutes vos actions RH
  • Accélération du processus de recrutement
  • Optimisation de la promotion des offres d’emploi par l’analyse de la provenance de vos meilleures candidatures à ce jour
  • Acuité et agilité pour répondre aux besoins grandissants de votre entreprise
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