A critical step in your value chain

Ensure you have everything you need to effectively track your project costs and revenue. And to avoid negligence, forgotten items, and other expensive mistakes. The Manitou Invoicing module lets you automate processes, simplify communication, and provide controlled access for your project managers, representatives, and administrative staff.

Invoicing and revenue tracking

Whether you prefer decentralized billing control to delegate the task to project managers or representatives, or centralized control within the administrative team, the Manitou Invoicing module is the natural choice for handling this task. No matter your level of involvement, the operations process features approvals to reduce the risk of errors.

Trust and control

  • Automatically calculate your revenue and your work in progress and pre-billed amounts (WIP/PB)
  • Send invoices electronically based on your clients’ schedules
  • Issue partial invoices and credit notes

Simplify your invoicing processes

Manitou can do even more!

Manitou’s Projects module: the foundation of your operations

  • Easily connect the modules of your choice
  • Create projects in just a few clicks
  • Get customizable key performance indicators

A single, simplified system for data analysis