A data-driven approach
with a human touch

Manitou allows you to reach your goals:

Business Performance


Automation and information stream


Business Performance

To grow, you have to know yourself first

Boost your business performance

A global overview is essential to fully understanding synergy on the ground and results within
your company. Manitou Core lets you manipulate and analyze integrated data collected from all
of your teams, so you can know it all, when you need to know it.

Developing business intelligence: essential for your company to thrive

  • Obtain reliable integrated data
  • Store this data safely
  • Analyze data to uncover trends and observe performance
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Work better, without working more

Discover how to combine the best management tools to reach a higher level of profitability

It’s undeniable that in order to grow, you must have the necessary workforce. However, it’s an investment that can become burdensome, and new employees may not be fully productive during their adjustment period.

Manitou Core simplifies everything:

  • Monitoring revenue and expenses
  • Generating reports on hours worked and billed
  • Producing financial statements faster
  • Automating project invoicing
  • Transferring pay
  • Updating employee records
  • Making it possible to integrate with your GL and payroll gateways
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Automation and information stream

Your data working for your company

Leave everything to Manitou

With Manitou Core, you have the ability to standardize processes used in your company and facilitate continuous information sharing between various departments. Whether you need to recruit new employees, manage their files, create their projects based on their roles, or create invoices, Manitou Core is the optimal tool from the beginning to end of each task for all of your company’s operations.

Manitou Core: the all-in-one tool

  • Customer relationships, project management, accounting, recruitment, and payroll: Manitou modules work together
  • Tool invented, developed, and supported by a team of IT experts that care about your business situation
  • Information shared across your departments
  • Reduced double entry, decreased risk of error, and time optimization
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Because it all starts with effective recruitment

Combine the right tools to discover the right talent

It all starts with effective job postings. To help you find the best applicants as quickly as possible (and in just a few clicks), Manitou Talent connects directly to the external platforms you frequently use.

Manitou Talent brings everything together for you:

  • Recruitment tool
  • Customized platform for managing your information
  • Centralized internal communication method
  • Comprehensive applicant files
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