Business Performance

To grow, you have to know yourself first

Manitou takes care of everything:

  • Simplifies communication and follow-ups
  • Centralizes administrative processes
  • Reduces double and triple entries
  • Eliminates risk of error
  • Minimizes administrative tasks

Are you 100% in the know?

More results, less effort

Unleash the full potential of your resources

Are you 100% in the know?

A global overview is essential to fully understanding synergy on the ground and results within your company. Manitou lets you manipulate and analyze integrated data collected from all of your teams, so you can know it all, when you need to know it. This platform is perfectly adapted to the complexity of your company, and lets you take stock of each department’s performance. With this kind of global overview and the ability to dive into the details, you will easily transition to a higher level of profitability.

Because knowledge is power, Manitou provides you with reliable data and all the means to reach conclusions that will simplify your decisions. You’ll have a crystal-clear snapshot, no matter the key performance indicators selected to measure your company’s progress. With in-depth knowledge of market share by channel, the costs per converted opportunity (lead), or sales based on your product lines, for example, you will have an accurate, real-time view of your performance. Your company will do more than just grow—it will become more and more efficient.

When it’s time to refocus your priorities and analyze your strengths, your weaknesses, and your opportunities with a full range of knowledge, enjoy a clear picture of indicators and influencing factors. Manitou never stops working for you, so you can operate at full capacity. Choose the optimal tool and put business intelligence at the forefront of your practices.

Developing business intelligence: essential for your company to thrive

  • Obtain reliable integrated data
  • Store this data safely
  • Analyze data to uncover trends and observe performance

More results, less effort

By reducing the time each employee spends on repetitive, uninspiring tasks with high risk of error, value-added tasks are prioritized. Plus, the time saved adds up quickly and carries over to your balance sheet. If we also consider the decreased number of human errors, you can easily project a highly positive balance sheet for internal time management and quality.

To get there, you must optimize your performance in a significant and sustainable way. Manitou acts as a common denominator for all the aspects of your organization. In a time when everything is becoming more and more automated and interconnected, information acquisition must be centralized and standardized. In addition to ensuring the lifespan of this precious data, Manitou gives you deep background knowledge that will inspire your strategies.

Implementing Manitou represents a new way of operating. Manitou will quickly become an essential partner for collecting and monitoring data as well as producing files, invoices, and reports, for example. Why use many tools when everyone gains from having Manitou on their side?

Unleash the full potential of your resources

Delegating tasks to Manitou is an invaluable business decision. By systematizing efforts, you optimize your workforce by delegating them the tasks that are most profitable for you and most engaging for them. This way, your talented staff can really make the most of their skills. This true revolution in the way you work will impact all levels, with improved employee retention, demonstrated ingenuity, and, of course, enhanced productivity!

When we suddenly gain back the hours normally lost to micromanagement and dealing with information that is erroneous, duplicated, or simply indecipherable, perspectives are completely reshaped. Maybe you can even see your objectives reaching higher? Once-unattainable goals can suddenly be a part of your next strategic plan!

The results of the Manitou effect go well beyond productivity, speed, and the ability to demonstrate business intelligence. The very quality of your products and services is sure to improve. Imagine the tremendous impact of this tool. The results across the entire company and clientele are undeniable.

Finally, a solution with prices matched to your needs!