Manitou - Projects

Project Management

The heart of your Manitou experience

The Manitou Projects module is the tool that brings it all together, connecting all the modules you need. Once a project is created and activated, you can analyze it using the many types of report offered. In addition to being customizable for each user, these reports give you key performance indicators.

Manage contracts

The contract management tool lets you easily create projects with one or more contracts. Plus, invoices related to contracts can be viewed directly in the Manitou Projects module.

3 easy ways to create a project:

  • Use a template to create recurring projects effortlessly
  • Generate a project from a business opportunity won
  • Create a new project from scratch

See for yourself
how easy it is!

Create activities and assignments

To organize the workflow without losing anything along the way, each project contains activities and specifies the key people assigned to them.

  • View resource availability in real time
  • Keep control over assignments and their connections with invoicing and payroll

Of course… Manitou can handle invoicing!

Manage deliverables

When the time comes to create the right kind of deliverables for your project, you have the freedom to use time banks or plans. Also enjoy the freedom of setting invoicing schedules that fit your situation.

Manage your projects’ profitability

To have a global overview of the process at all times—without having to spend long hours analyzing the situation—you can rely on this feature to ensure your project brings in more than it costs you.

Take stock of your projects at a glance

  • Quickly establish the profitability of resources by project or by assignment
  • Determine the cost of resources and expenses
  • Visualize the contributions of resources and overruns

Your profitability is a result of meticulous invoicing

Manitou can do even more!

Manitou Expenses module

  • The approval and reimbursement process for your expense accounts is simplified
  • Your employees can connect their expenses directly to projects
  • Your project managers confirm that the expenses are billable or subject to an increase
  • Tax recovery calculation is automated and customizable

A single, simplified system for data analysis