Collaborative Tools

With Manitou, say goodbye to confusing task management. Work collaboratively on major projects and keep control of deliverables assigned to you. Based on your priorities, sort your tasks by category, date, or assigned task, complete them directly in the tool, and share them to facilitate collaboration.

Simplified tracking

Whether your tasks are automated, added manually, or assigned by someone else, they’re easier to manage than ever before. Even after they’re completed, your tasks remain available and can be located and reactivated as needed.

Enjoy a global overview

  • See all your tasks from the home screen
  • Filter tasks based on your priorities
  • Maintain a complete history

Effective management

From creation to completion, powerful tools are at your fingertips to manage your tasks. They can be shared with entire teams, assigned to specific colleagues, and completed by a group directly on the platform.

Optimize your processes

  • Create tasks and notes from any file
  • Collaborate efficiently without needing to rely on email
  • Complete your tasks directly in their assigned functions