Recruitment Management

To find the right employee at the right time, you need to be able to count on an effective recruitment process. Manitou gives you the power of data centralization and automation. Improve your responsiveness and your ability to address your company’s growing needs!

Requisitioning staff

When the time comes to fill a position, your HR team needs to act quickly and insightfully. Manitou lets you search among your own base of employees or applicants. You can also create hire requests for your company or resource placement requests for your clients.

Need a hand?

Job postings

Announcing job openings is a repetitive task that still requires constant attention. Let Manitou sort through criteria for you to uncover the hidden gem before your competitors do!

Attract talent easily

  • Post job openings internally or externally
  • Avoid repetitive work
  • Maintain consistency across your postings with templates
  • Refine your postings with selection criteria: training, qualifications, skills, languages, or personalities
  • Analyze the sources of your best applications
  • Post on major job platforms and social media

Looking for the best recruitment solution?

Bank and applicant search

All applicant files are at your fingertips, whether they’re entered manually or from job sites. You can easily search by keyword or criteria to find the best applicants at a glance, sorting by score based on the calculation of their results.

The key to your recruitment

  • Centralization of applicant files
  • Keyword search in the entire file, including résumé
  • Criteria search
  • Identification of the best applicants
  • Direct communication with applicants

Application tracking

Make your best decisions much more easily with Manitou’s optimized application tracking.

Assemble the best employees

  • Systematically track applications
  • Communicate directly with applicants
  • Complete preliminary sorting and view application status
  • Send questionnaires
  • Invite applicants to interviews

Change what seems like a complex task into a process you can rely on

Online platforms

Make the process easier for you and your future employees through our online posting tool. Manitou’s Staffing platforms can be integrated into any website. Use them to create, update, and track applications.

Always on the lookout, constantly connected

  • Platform allows job postings and unsolicited online applications
  • Talent file management and applicant tracking system
  • Self-service web portal lets applicants manage their files
  • Integrates into your website with the flexible developer platform

Manitou can do even more!

Manitou HR

  • Centralize your employee data
  • Communicate with your employees easily
  • Effectively manage your company’s most important resources

A single, simplified system for data analysis