Human Resources

An integrated, effective, and precise system: a major advantage

Human resources are indisputably your company’s raw material. Manitou’s HR module lets you manage this asset as effectively as possible. Manitou creates a solid structure for your HR team with centralized employee data and integrated, easy-to-use communication tools.

Comprehensive employee record

The Manitou HR tool’s success lies in the way it lets you easily take notes on all of your employees’ professional and personal information. Starting with a well-constructed, secure record, smooth transitions from step to step give you a real-time overview of your workforce.

Fully understand your world

  • Manage all aspects of remuneration and payroll
  • Complete each person’s professional profile to facilitate assignments
  • Store all the documents you need in the record: employment contract, résumé, evaluations, questionnaires, etc.

Remuneration, payroll, bonuses, schedules and vacations

Fair and smart management of all aspects of salary and vacations is a crucial element for your employees and the health of your organization. When you have all the information in the same place, overcoming this challenge is much easier.

Assemble and conquer

  • Centralize information
  • Manage set and flexible schedules
  • Manage benefits as well as gains and deductions
  • Maintain a history of all changes made

Social functions

The Manitou suite includes a feature designed to bring your people together. Organize social functions with a directory that’s accessible for everyone, a bulletin board for your news, and a calendar of internal activities. You’ll communicate easily with all your teams to tell them about training sessions, social activities, and other events—all while avoiding repetitive emails and forgotten messages.

Performance evaluation

Establish an all-encompassing plan for managers to evaluate performance with this practical tool. Add evaluation and wage development documents, and directly adjust employees’ annual goals, including the average rate and percentage of billable hours.

Ready to boost your performance?

Manitou can do even more!

Manitou ATS

  • Speed up your recruitment process
  • Improve promotion of your job openings
  • Address your company’s growing needs

A single, simplified system for data analysis