Cloud PSA Software Automate & simplify your operations

  • Manitou Solution organizes, synthetizes, optimizes and streamlines your operations.
  • Boost your business performance and profitability by unleashing the full potential of your employees.
  • More billable hours, less administrative tasks!
  • Gather data from your operations and easily create reports that will give you the insights you’ve been dreaming for!
  • Fully adaptable tools, because each business is different and has its own twists.

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Your Manitou is helpful in many ways


Project Management

Time and Expenses

Project Expenses


Send invoices


Payroll and Entries

And more

The heart of your Manitou experience

The Manitou Projects module is the tool that brings it all together, connecting all the modules you need. Once a project is created and activated, you can analyze it using the many types of report offered. In addition to being customizable for each user, these reports give you key performance indicators.

  • Manage contracts
  • Create activities and assignments
  • Manage deliverables
  • Manage your project’s profitability

Optimal time and expense management: the foundation of profitability

You must understand the time and money dedicated to each project to put your management strategies into practice. Manitou’s Time and Expenses modules give you the perfect tools to collect and track this essential data. See hours per employee and per project, and simplify approval and reimbursement for your expense accounts by letting your employees connect their expenses directly to each project.

  • Enter time
  • Signatures and time approval
  • Enter and approve expenses
  • Tax recovery
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A critical step in your value chain

Ensure you have everything you need to effectively track your project costs and revenue. And to avoid negligence, forgotten items, and other expensive mistakes. The Manitou Invoicing module lets you automate processes, simplify communication, and provide controlled access for your project managers, representatives, and administrative staff.

  • Invoicing and revenue tracking
  • Simplifying invoicing processes
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Speed and precision: Manitou is the accountant’s best friend

To create monthly financial statements in less time (and with fewer errors), your administrative team will find a productive ally in Manitou Accounting. Let Manitou prepare your accounting entries and process payroll and employee records.

  • Payroll processing
  • Accounting transfers
  • Accounting management
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Manitou // Automate. Simplify.

Manitou offers you interconnectivity and simplicity.

All your data is easily captured, compiled, and applied with a wide range of adaptable tools. Communication becomes more fluid, both within individual teams and across entire departments. That’s the beauty of fully merging and optimizing a modern company’s logistical foundation.

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Not sure yet how Manitou will fit in your business processes?

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To give you the best advice, we first need to get to know you. This is why Manitou offers one hour of business analysis free to take stock of your company and outline a sketch of the way you work. This first step will allow you to better understand how Manitou can optimize your operations, what modules will best fit your situation, and what the implementation of such tools can mean at the logistical and financial levels.

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