Cloud ATS Software Because it all starts with effective recruitment

  • Combine everything in one place: Postings, Applicant Bank, Communications, Online Staffing Platforms.
  • Find the best applicants as quickly as possible, Manitou Solution connects directly to the external platforms you frequently use.
  • Get access to all the tools you need to communicate with applicants, schedule interviews, and record your evaluations. With Manitou Solution, you get a complete data bank that compiles key information about your applicants and their skills.
  • Benefit from a never-failing, never-ending memory, an extremely valuable strength when managing human resources.

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Your Manitou is helpful in many ways

Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management

To find the right employee at the right time, you need to be able to count on an effective recruitment process. Manitou gives you the power of data centralization and automation. Improve your responsiveness and your ability to address your company’s growing needs!

  • Requisitioning staff
  • Job postings
  • Bank and applicant search
  • Application tracking
  • Online platforms

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